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South African Wildlife filmmaker and avid adventurer based in Ecuador (I’m probably out hiking up a mountain, running a marathon or filming wildlife in the jungle while you are reading this). My passion for wildlife and nature is the reason why I feel it is my responsibility to create wildlife films that focus on conserving our natural world.

I have been very fortunate to be able to travel to many wild places and film some of the most beautiful parts of Southern Africa and South America. In 2009-2014 I lived in Cuenca, Ecuador where I spent most of my time hiking in the Cajas National Park in search of reptiles and amphibians. I have also travelled all over South Africa, Spain, Namibia, and Botswana to film the international wildlife TV show Siyaya Africa, Siyaya Coast to Coast, and Wild World Diaries.

I am presently working on a Feature film called Snake Heroes and my YouTube series The Adventures of Robert Wedderburn.

“My goal is to create wildlife documentaries that are genuine and unique”

I am currently back in Ecuador where I am filming a brand new wildlife series for YouTube and I am super excited to share all the amazing animals I during my latest venture. 

My most recent Wildlife Documentary was for National Geographic and Vice in Saudi Arabia where I directed the wildlife documentary Wild Allies, a story about the evolution of falconry to falcon racing, in order to conserve the present bird populations in Saudi Arabia.

National Geographic – Wild Allies – Directed by Robert Wedderburn

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Azuay 10101

Azuay 10101

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