Impalas in 360°

Aepyceros melampus

A short wildlife documentary about Impalas. If you want to be surrounded by wildlife then here is a short VR wildlife documentary in 360°.

Taeke a look around, you are surrounded by a herd of dozens of Impala.
It’s almost sunset and herd as finished grazing for the day and is on its way to find a safe place to spend the night, hopefully away from any potential predators. Impalas make up the primary diet for many predators like leopards, lions, and cheetahs. 

There are two recognized subspecies of Impala, these are Common Impala, but there is another slightly larger and darker subspecies, the Black-Faced Impala, which is found in Northern Namibia and Angola, which is now considered vulnerable as less than 1000 individuals remain in the wild.

Geographical Range:
Impala are found throughout Southern and East Africa, from South Africa to Kenya. This species is well-known for its leaping abilities and use this as an anti-predator strategy. Impala spend most of their time browsing and grazing the African savannah.

Their diet comprises grasses, leaves, wildflowers, and Vachellia pods.

Impala is a medium-sized antelope and can accelerate extremely fast and run as fast as 80kmph.

Females spend 4-6 months suckling their young. 

Young males are kicked out of the female herd once they are old enough to fend for themselves. Those males will venture off and find other males to form a bachelor herd together.If you have a look around you might be able to see some of these young males who haven’t left the herd yet. 

The females don’t horns and the male Impalas have long black spirally horns. Impalas also have a mutually symbiotic relationship with the Oxpeckers. These small birds spend the day removing ticks and ectoparasites from Impalas. Making life a lot easier for the Impalas and providing a good food source for the Oxpeckers.

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