Scuba Diving at Sodwana Bay, South Africa

  • March 25, 2020

Driving to Sodwana Bay

Being relatively new to scuba diving, I have wanted to make a road trip up to Sodwana Bay to scuba dive for a few months now. The plan was for Sandy and her cousin Carol from New York, to both complete their PADI Open Water Certification at Coral Divers and for me to go along to get in a few dives.

Once I started planning the trip and booking accomodation at Coral Divers, I realized that because it is the quiet season here in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa at the moment, that it would be a brilliant opportunity to do my PADI Advanced course done and dusted!

Because of Covid-19 I deciced it would be a smart idea to not do any running races this weekend and I cancelled all my plans to focus on this scuba diving adventure.

On Sunday, 15 March 2020, we packed our 4×4 and drove off towards Sodwana Bay. We arrived there late at night after taking it easy on the notoriously dangerous N2 from Durban. We arrived and each had a Savanna Cider at the bar and planned the nest week of diving ahead.

Monday, Scuba Diving Cancelled

We all woke up eagerly at 5am and made our way down to the kitchen to make a cup of espresso coffee and presented ourselves reception. I was met my a young PADI diving instructor called Dylan De Bruin, who was really excited to show me the beautiful coral reefs that Sodwana Bay had to offer ones eyes.

Carol brought me a brand new Back-Plate BCD as well as a a brand new Mares Prestige Regulator set which I had just purchased from USA. Dylan and I started assembly my new Back-Plate BCD but quickly realized that we would need a couple hours or more to set it up, so we canceled our dive for the day and decided to spend the entire day putting together my BCD and testing out my buoyancy in the Swimming Pool.

Tuesday, My First Scuba Dive At Sodwana Bay

I grabbed a cup of coffee and I was off! I was running late and made it to the tractor shuttle, which is really like a tram that is pulled by a tractor. We putted down the hill towards to Sodwana Bay beach where we kitted ourselves up and boarded a rubber duck boat which took us to our dive site for the day.

Scuba Diving Shallow Sponge, Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

This dive site was my first glimpse of the reef life at 2 mile Reef, Sodwana Bay and was I impressed by the amount of corals and the vast distance that they seemed to cover on the seabed.

This reef is absolutely stunning and upon closer inspection the amount of small invertebrate life was phenomenal.

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