Sony MDR-7506 Headphones Review 2022

  • April 6, 2022

These headphones are in my opinion the industry standard “run of the mill” studio headphones that almost everyone who records sound or works in television or on documentary films is familiar with. There is a very good reason why these headphones are so ubiquitous, and it’s because they are simply awesome to use. 

I have been using these headphones to record audio and film wildlife documentaries out in the field for around 6 years now and I recently bought a new pair of these headphones, so I thought I would review these headphones and tell you why, if you don’t have a pair of studio headphones, you really should consider getting a pair of these. 

The first reason why I love the Sony Mdr-7506 Studio Headphones is that they are really comfortable and you can easily use them to edit everyday all day without them hurting your ears or getting uncomfortable. 

The second reason is that they are extremely strong and versatile. They may not look like the strongest headphones in the world, but with that being said, I have filmed in the Namib Desert with these headphones on my head for the entire day in the scorching heat, filming from sunrise to sunset for weeks on end, and they never failed me once.

I have filmed in the jungle, in National Parks all over Southern Africa and they have never broken or fallen apart like other headphones have under similar conditions and stresses. So, I can highly recommend these headphones to outdoor and wildlife filmmakers and sound recordists.  

The third reason why I absolutely love using the Sony Mdr-7506 Studio Headphones is because they are so quiet. Their Closed-Ear Design blocks out all the sounds from outside or from other people nearby and I can really focus and concentrate on the film or video that I am editing. If you haven’t ever edited with a pair of Studio Headphones, then you will quickly see within a few minutes of editing that headphones really help you to focus, and can have an advantage over using studio speakers, not to mention that a pair of studio headphones are a lot more affordable.  When I am editing long documentaries that require hours and hours of editing, I don’t mind listening to the rushes on a pair of Studio Speakers, but when I am editing dialogue or audio, I almost always prefer to use my Sony Mdr-7506 Studio Headphones as I know with 100% certainty that what I am hearing is what the audience will be able to hear. There are often small improvements that can be made to your audio in post-production and if you don’t put on a pair of good quality headphones and aren’t able to hear all the small details, then you simply won’t be able to correct it or illuminate it in post.

The same applies to recording audio out in the field. There is a big difference between a pair of earphones and headphones. There is simply no need to compromise with headphones when recording sound in the field and a pair of earphones doesn’t allow you to accurately monitor audio like a pair of good-quality studio headphones, if not this model then any fairly decent pair of studio headphones, and I promise it will save you the hassle of trying to clean up your audio in post, or help you realize that you need to shoot another take, as the audio wasn’t clean enough to use in your film. 

The Sony Mdr-7506 Studio Headphones are the workhorses of the headphone world, they are capable of providing you with crispy clean audio while working hard outdoors or while editing video in the studio. These Low-Impedance Headphones can be connected directly to your camera, sound recording device or computer for editing videos.

The sound profile is very neutral, making it very easy to record and edit dialogue and ambience. Most headphones that are designed to to listen to music and emphasize the lower frequencies which can be overpowering and give you an biased impression of the sound recording. 

You should notice when using these headphones that you will be able to hear the upper and mid frequencies, making them a lot more accurate and unbiased. There is a distinct separation between the high, mid, and low frequencies, and even though the low-frequencies are not overpowering, these headphones offer deep and realistic bass. 

These headphones are also very loud, and I find that while editing video on my Dell XPS 15 9570 Laptop, I normally have the volume set to around 20-25%.

So if you are an outdoor filmmaker, sound recordist, or video editor, and are looking for a pair of quality studio headphones at an affordable price, these may be the perfect headphones for you.

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The earcups have padding that is comfortable and doesn’t absorb moisture in hot environments, making them comfortable to wear outdoors for extended periods of time. 

Both the headband and the Earcups are replaceable if they wear out or ever need to be replaced, meaning that you don’t need to throw the entire pair of headphones away, which is obviously better for the environment. 

¼ Adapter. These headphones also come with a ¼ Inch adapter

The design of these headphones is exactly the same as when they were released in 1991. It features a wide comfortable headband that is fully adjustable. 

So if you are considering buying the Sony Mdr-7506 Studio Headphones, then I would say, don’t hesitate to buy them, they are an amazing pair of headphones and a great addition to any filmmaker’s or sound recordist’s inventory. They will last you many years and pay for themselves many times over, and for their price, you simply can’t get better value for money and they really do sound incredible.  

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