The Klipspringer

One of my favorite antelope species and one of the smallest and most agile antelope species.

Their Afrikaans name means “Rock Jumper” and that is because they are perfectly adapted for the harsh mountain terrain here on the highest mountain peaks here in the Cape Fold Mountains.

Their brown fur coats insulate them the ice cold wind up here and provide them with the perfect camouflage for predators. They are somewhat safe up here on the mountain tops, but their natural predators include leopards, and fawns are occasionally preyed on by large raptors and even Baboons. 

Their soft hooves allow to spring over boulders with ease and make them extremely well-footed, even on wet slippery rocks. Boths males and females have black tear shaped markings around the eyes, but only the males have horns which are short and pointy. Klipspringer mate for life and once a male and female find each other they are inseparable, always staying within meters of one another.  

Origin of the Cape Fold Mountains. 
500 million years ago Where I am standing now was the under the ocean as it was the seabed of the Agulhas Sea, then approximately 330 million years ago the Falkland’s plateau and the African Plate started converges upon each, crinkling up the earth’s crust in between and forming what we today called the Cape Fold Mountains started.